More Goodness From Vans Girls Combi - AM Division.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Jordan Santana
Stella Reynolds
Bella Kenworthy
Lilly Stoephaius

Isdora Pacheco
Ruby Trew
Bella, Ruby & Jordan

The under 14  division at the Vans Girls Combi had so much talent in it! These little girls were skating fast and hard and using both the round and square pools. There were girls from USA, Germany, Brazil, Australia and Japan in this group.  It's going to be insane the next few years watching these little girls come up the ranks!


1. Bella Kenworthy $1,000
2. Jordan Santa $600
3. Ruby Trew $400

5. Isadora Pacheco
6. Stella Reynolds
7. Lilly Stoephaius
8. Carlin Makibbin
9. Ruby Lilley
10.Nora Baker

Michelle Barnett
Tuling Lam

Michelle Yoon
Dora Varella

Lauren Canoura
Gabrielle Brownfield

Michelle, Dora, & Gabrielle

Photos Ian Logan - if you choose to share/post - please credit @ianloganphoto  & @girlisnota4letterword  - Thank you!

The over 15 division had nine skaters total and they were fighting tooth and nail for the podium spots. We have seen so much rapid progression in the past year in this division. Michelle Yoon was attacking the pool like she owned it, Dora Varella was skating as if this was her home park  (instead of residing in Brazil), Jesse Frietze, and Michelle Barnett are two girls we have been keeping an eye on for awhile and both have progressed by leaps and bounds since we saw them last year!  And Gabrille Brownfield was on fire - so fun watching her! Nice seeing Lauren Canoura & Stacie Roberts out here from Florida competing as well.

We guarantee there will be a lot more action in the coming years from this group!


1. Dora Varella $1,000
2. Michelle Yoon $600
3. Gabrielle Brownfield $400

4. Jessie Frietze
6. Tuling Lam
6. Lauren Canoura
7. Michelle Barnett
8. Stacie Roberts
9. Audrey Indigo

Huge thanks to Vans, World Cup Skateboarding, the judges and staff for making this one of the best contests ever!

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