Musician Gin Wigmore Is Giving Back To Girls In Skateboarding.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Emma Houle

Zara, Emma, and Kyra on set
Amanda on set breaking down the scene
Kyra power slide
The girls on set ready to skate
Gin and her Girl Gang
Zara Percy
Gin on set - while 8 1/2 months pregnant!

Photos by Rayana for Gin Wigmore

You may remember that badass music video, Cabrona, by musician Gin Wigmore that some of the Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word skater girls were featured in?  Well, in celebration of International Women's Month, we are stoked to say that Gin has decided to donate all proceeds from her online store for the entire month of March to our GN4LW movement so we can help even more female skaters!

To help celebrate we are sharing some behind the scenes photos from the music video shoot and the Cabrona video - enjoy!

The "Cabrona" music video featured some of our fave skater girls - Zara Percy, Emma Houle, Kyra Williams & Amanda "Panda" Caloia, so we love that Gin is always on board with helping our mission and the girls!

Check out the extra special GIRL GANG BUNDLE in the online store!   It's super cool!!

You can order Gin Wigmore merchandise that benefits the Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word movement HERE 

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