Nora Vasconcellos Makes Women's Skate History.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Welcome Skate Deck, Krux Trucks, OJ Wheels, Mob Grip Tape

It's only appropriate that today is the first day of Female History Month and we lead off with this story...

We have been waiting since the day we started skateboarding to be able to walk into a skate shop, throw some cash down on the counter, and get a board set up with all pro female skate products. If we would have asked that question at our local skate shop even a year ago, they would have just smiled and shook their heads.

The great news is, that moment has finally come!  And Nora Vasconcellos has made skate history this month as the only female skater who has ever had a full pro product line where you could actually put together a complete board that is all her!

Check it out:

*Nora Vasconcellos Pro Model Welcome Skateboards Deck - various colors and sizes
*Nora's Pro Model Krux Trucks - 7.6 to 8.5 available
*Nora's Purple "Cat & Mouse" wheels from OJ Wheels - 55mm 101a
*Nora grip tape by Mob - in two different graphics

You can even order each piece you see above, on line at So Cal Skate Shop

So basically you can put together an entire set up of Nora pro products if you want to. We never thought we would see a day where we'd be able to say that - and it's so frigging RAD.

Why is that important? Because girls out there need female role models - especially in a male dominated sport - and by having pro products from their favorite female skaters on the market, these young girls can finally take pride in skating a pro female riders deck, her wheels, her trucks, and even her griptape.

As always, please support products that suport female skaters - the time is NOW to skate a deck, wheels, trucks, grip tape and even shoes & apparel  from your favorite female pro riders! 

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