"I Had A Conversation" Podcast Features a Pro Female Skateboarder.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

One of our favorite photographers, and all around nice guy on the skate scene, Ken Hada, has created a podcast called "I HAD A CONVERSATION" and we had a chance to take a listen to it this weekend.

We loved the conversation he had with his long time friend and muse, pro skateboarder Julie Kindstrand  AKA Julz Lynn. In fact, we devoured the first episode twice and are eagerly awaiting the second part of the conversation, which should be released soon.

Julz Lynn captured by Ken Hada - Ken has been shooting Julz's progression for years

Julie share memories of her first Vans Girls Combi, the backyard pools and ramps she skated while growing up as a grom in the OC, why her dads pool is called The Bible Bowl and what it's like being a girl entering your first skate contest (did you know that Julie started by entering CASL comps?) yep, so much insight in this podcast!

You may also want to take a listen to his other guests including skate photographer Ray Zimmerman, actor John Stamos, and more.

We love these candid and casual conversations that preserve memories, but also give insight into the people, places, and moments that make up our skate history.

You can listen to the Podcast with Julie HERE  

You can also listen to "I HAD A CONVERSATION" with Ken Hada, on itunes or via Google Play.

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