Skateboarder Gabrielle Brownfield Designs A Wheel For Speedlab!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Photo Ian Logan

Photos via Speedlab Wheels

Gabrielle Brownfield is not only a rad skateboarder, she is also a talented artist and a Speedlab team rider. So it was great to hear that Speedlab just released her very own wheel in their new Artist Series. 

These new wheels are a limited edition - so get them quick! 

Specs:   61mm/99A, color is white, $33.00 for a pack of four

Info from Speedlab:

Everyone seems to do an artist series line of decks but when was the last time, if ever, that there was an Artist Series for wheels?

This is the 7th graphic of the Artist Series and was created by our very own Speedlab Wheels rider Gabrielle Brownfield. These wheels have a classic profile, made with the best formulas in the world and perform just as good as they look. Artwork by Gabrielle Brownfield. Give her a follow on Instagram to check out more of her artwork @imjustgabs
You can grab a set for yourself HERE or at a skate shop near you!

Please support girls skateboarding by buying products that girls are involved in and endorse, they are out there skating hard and making shit happen - lets keep that going!!

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