The 420 Games In Venice - Women's Division Results.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Jordyn Barratt
Arianna Carmona
Hannah Zanzi
Julz Lynn
Pauline Branom
Bucky Lasek & Dave Duncan

Julz 3rd , Jordyn 1st,  Hanna 2nd
                                       Photography Joanne Barratt / Island Style Images

MedMen, Hot Nife & Nug put on the 420 Games at Venice Skatepark this past weekend with a total  prize purse of $20,000. Invite only, it showcased some of the best skaters around. In the women's division - Jordyn Barratt, Julz Lynn, Hanna Zanzi, Arianna Carmona and Pauline Branom battled it out.  There was a band, some rad skating and a fun day on the beach skating under the sun. We are stoked to see that they included female skaters in this comp and had prize money for them!

Podium Results

1st    Jordyn Barratt    $1,500
2nd   Hanna Zanzi.     $1,000
3rd   Julz Lynn            $   750

Huge thanks to Joanne Barratt for sharing these images with us!

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