The IKEA Skateboard Product We Can't Wait to Hack!

Monday, April 23, 2018

images via IKEA

IKEA launched it's new SPÄNST collection with designer Chris Stamp this past week, and while we can not say that we are fans of the idea of an IKEA skateboard (yes, that is one of the items for sale for $89.99) we are big fans of the skateboard rack /shoe rack they are selling for $69.99.

Some of you may have rooms where the black finish will look cool, but for girls who have a lighter, brighter space, we suggest an easy IKEA HACK  for this new product.  "IKEA Hacks" are nothing new, people have been "customizing" their IKEA products in so many ways for years now that there is even a site devoted to the best ones. We think this product could be the easiest IKEA Hack ever!

Grab some white primer and either matte or gloss spray paint in white or gold (or any other color you like) and start changing the look up to match your rooms vibe. This is so easy it's crazy, because there is nothing you need to mask off - unless you want to spray the rails a different color than the side bars.

Another and even easier hack would  be to grab all your fav skate stickers and sticker it up!

The SPÄNST collection debuted this past week at the Burbank Ikea and will roll out to other Ikea stores in May. Visit or check your local Ikea store for availability.

* And sadly that mini ramp is not part of the IKEA collection for sale....

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