A Really Fun Judi Oyama x Eloise Dorr Collab Is Launching!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Art collab with  Eloise Dorr
Judi in the late 70's FS Grind - Photo Michael Goldman

1970's pro skateboarder, Judi Oyama, is a badass. She was a trailblazer back when very few girls skated vert and she also raced slalom - many times against the guys. She is an orginal Santa Cruz / NHS team rider. Her skate history sits not only in the NHS museum but also in the Smithsonian.  She competed in both the Gold Cup Series and the Hester Series back in the day and still races and skates parks today. Her line of apparel under her Badass Skatemom name is a hit not only with skateboarders, but with the CrossFit community as well.  In addition to all of this, Judi is the wife of cyclocross racer Greg Foy, mom to Taylor and Ryan, and "dog mom" to a very rad rescue dog named Cooper.

So when Judi gave us the inside scoop about this collab she was doing with artist Eloise Dorr, we knew it was going to be something very special. We love Eloise's' art and have been following her progression for awhile now. Vans has had her as part of their Get On Board event this past month, and her work has been the focus of qiute a few solo shows all over the world. It's the type of art that makes you smile and just feel GOOD.

We had a chance to catch up with Judi during the (very) busy week of her Skateboard Hall of Fame induction, to find out how this collab came into existence, and what products will be rolling out.

Skateborading Hall of Fame takes place Friday, May 4, 2018 in the city of Anaheim

We know you are super busy getting ready for your Skateboard Hall of Fame induction Friday night (yeah!!), but we have a few questions we want to ask you about this awesome new collab that's launching!

How did you discover Eloise and her artwork?

I have never met Eloise in person. I saw her work on Instagram and loved her illustration style. I like supporting female skate artists so bought a few of her art pieces from her website. She has a really fresh style. Her silhouette characters make me smile.

What about her illustrations makes her art one of your favorites? 

For one, I love the subject matter (skateboarders) the humor she adds to her illustrations is awesome. The details she adds and scenes she puts her characters in are super fun.

How did the collab between you two come about?

I hired Eloise to paint a slalom skate image my dad took because I wanted to see that image in her style for a personal wall art area I am creating in my house. This led to another piece and then another. Being an owner of a design company and years of being a Creative Director I have discovered many artists and watched their careers grow. I feel Eloise is just at the beginning of an amazing career. After communicating via email Eloise started doing a few other designs.  We worked out a small business relationship together to build some fun items to put on my Badass Skatemom site

Judi Oyama slalom run circa 1970's / Photo Richard Oyama

These fun stickers are a part of the Judi Oyama x Eloise collab and are available now

When will the collab items be released? 

The Stickers and Magnets are available now on my Badass SkateMom site. 

The collab mugs and t-shirts are coming soon - so keep checking back!

We also have a limited run of 100 skate decks that are in early stages of development. They will be made in the USA with my Slalom Skate board sponsor Sk8kings.  Something we’ve been talking about doing for years with them, and since SHOF has happened, I decided to finally make a deck. Thanks also for your encouragement to do something like this, that I never thought possible years into the sport.

What do you hope people feel/think when you see this collab? 

My hope is that people will enjoy and graphic and it will make them happy. Being a long time skater it is awesome to finally make a limited edition board with an amazing artist Eloise Dorr.

Congratulations to Judi on her Skateboarding Hall of Fame induction, and on this fun collab with artist Eloise Dorr. We can't wait for the full launch so we can get our hands on all the products! 

More info on Judi & Eloise

Santa Cruz native- Judi Oyama is a successful graphic artist, entrepreneur, CrossFit buff and the owner/creator of the clothing line Badass Skatemom. She was also a crew member of the first wave of female skaters during the 1970s who were tearing up the parks, empty pools, downhill and slalom racing.    http://www.badassskatemom.com

Eloise Dörr is a 22 year old artist from Oxford, now living and working in London. The main feature in her work are small silhouette characters who spend all of their time skateboarding, falling over and generally plodding along with their simple lives. She paints these characters and their environments from her studio in South London, and if she's not there she'll probably be out skating with her friends (if the English weather permits!)     http://www.eloisedorr.com

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