Kingpin - The Women's Downhill Documentary We Need To See!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

We absolutely love women who are creating their own media to shine a light on their skateboard communities. Downhill skater, Andréa Katzeff, based in Cape Town, South Africa is doing just that with her upcoming film about female downhill skaters, KINGPIN

Andréa has always wanted to make a film about women in skating, especially those who break down heteronormative ideals and who have powerful stories to share. After she brought this up to some filmmaker friends of hers, they decided to set out to make this amazing concept a reality.

In just under three months they plan to travel to Europe and Scandinavia to meet up with some incredibly talented skaters, to tell their stories and capture them doing what they do best in beautiful landscapes. These guest skaters include Carmen Schaeffer, Alicia Fillback, Anna Pixner and Giulia Alfeo. Their stories are that of courage, obstacles, failure and success in the midst of partaking in a typically male-dominated sport. These skaters are incredibly inspiring, both within skating and everyday life and Andrea wants to tell their stories in hopes that they will inspire others too.

This will be a film of inclusivity and equality, of encouragement and empowerment, not just for skaters but for women from all walks of life who constantly endure oppression on so many scales. The filmamkers also wish to encourage men; in raising awareness of how they can play a role in our progressing society. This will also be an epic film about skating, from bombing the majestic Austrian alps to free riding the scenic roads of Faroe Islands and more, it doesn't get much better than that but they need your help in making this film a reality!

You can jump on over to the KINGPIN  crowdfunding page they have set up - and  even if you can't donate (they have some rad beneifts though if you do!) you can help spread the word!

We here at GN4LW always feel that working together to create female based skate related media is super important for women in skateboarding - it is a vital way for female skaters to be seen and heard.  So please spread the message & support however you can!

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