VPS Continental Championships Oceania Results + Video Recap.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Poppy - Rock and Roll. / Photo Cameron Markin
Sabre Norris 2nd  Poppy Starr Olsen 1st.   Charlotte Heath. 3rd

All info and images via VPS and The Boardr

Australia's Poppy Starr Olsen defended her title this past weekend at Five Dock Skatepark in Sydney, Australia, and won the VPS Continental Championships Oceania for the second year in a row, which means she will be able to go straight to China to the VPS World Championships.

This year's comp had some exciting moments and newcomers to the scene. Sabre Norris and her 540 were spectacular to watch, Charlotte Heath is still a youngster, but definetly someone to be reckoned with as she moves up the ranks. To see a full field of 10 girls competing was awesome as well!

You should definitely take a few moments and watch the highlight reel above - these girls really skated hard!


1.  Poppy Starr Olsen
2.  Sabre Norris
3.  Charlotte Heath

4.  Shanae Collins
5.  Sockie Norris
6.  Taniah Meyers
7.  Ava Godfrey
8.  Aimee Massie
9.  Grace Cochrane
10. Izy Mutu

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