X-Games Norway Women's Street Results & Full Video Of Comp.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Leticia Bufoni / Photo Brett Wilhelm/ESPN

Samarria Brevard     /   / Photo Nick Guise-Smith / ESPN
Mariah Duran  /  Photo Nick Guise-Smith / ESPN
Alexis Sablone   / Photo Nick Guise-Smith / ESPN
Julia Brueckler / Photo Nick Guise-Smith / ESPN
Leticia Bufoni wins Gold  / Photo Nick Guise-Smith / ESPN
Podium, Leticia Bufoni , Lacey Baker , Pamela Rosa/ Photo Nick Guise-Smith / ESPN


It was really cool to have ESPN showing the women's street finals LIVE from Norway on YouTube this morning. The feed was great - no glitching and the coverage was awesome!  It was an exciting comp, Leticia Bufoni took a solid lead early on and never let go, Pamela Rosa fought hard but had to settle for bronze this time around, and Lacey Baker looked like she might just take that gold away from Leticia on her last run, but was unable to break Leticia's score, and walked away with a nice silver medal.

Leticia hasn't won gold at the X-Games in the past 5 years so this victory was especially sweet for her!  And as two-time gold medalist, Leticia Bufoni becomes the most-medaled Women’s Street Skateboarder with her gold medal win at X Games Norway 2018.

RESULTS -  Skateboard Street Women's Finals -  X-Games Norway

1. Leticia Bufoni, 84.66 (BRA)
2. Lacey Baker, 78.33 (USA)
3. Pamela Rosa, 75.33 (BRA)
4. Candy Jacobs, 74.33 (NED)
5. Julia Brueckler, 71.33 (AUT)
6. Alexis Sablone, 69.00 (USA)
7. Mariah Duran, 66.33 (USA)
8. Samarria Brevard, 55.66 (USA)

Gold- Leticia Bufoni
Silver- Lacey Baker
Bronze- Pamela Rosa

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