5 Publications You Probably Don't Know About That Feature Women's Skateboarding.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

If you've been hanging out at Barnes & Noble reading Thrasher and TWS, combing the pages looking for female skaters each issue, we have some new magazines you can add to your list that are a little more underground and still fully core, to get a full dose of women's skateboarding each time you pick them up.  Some of these magazine and zines you may be familiar with, others are brand new and you should definitely add to your bedside table for inspiration.

1. SKATEISM - the mags focus is on queer and female skate culture. Lacey Baker graced the cover of Skateism's first issue. The magazine is gorgeous and the interviews are in-depth. For now, it comes out bi-annually. Issue #2 is out now and you can get it  here 

2. SKATE SLATE - this rad magazine has been around for quite a few years headed up by self described feminist, Les Robertson, and rad photographer Jon Huey. Skate Slate always shines a light on females in skateboarding. While its focus is on downhill and longboarding, there are many photos and articles on other types of skateboarding as well. The Photo Annual is out now and you should get your hands on it before it's sold out! Get Skate Slate here  

 3. QUELL - a nice new magazine by Adrian Koenigsberg that focuses only on female skaters. They rely on photo contributions - so hit them up if you have some great shots to share!  The magazine is glossy and gorgeous with nice layouts. You can grab both issue 1 and issue 2  here

4. XEM SKATERS - is a genderqueer skate zine and the brainchild of Marie Dabbadie. The zine is all in black & white and while it has the feeling of a DIY zine, it is as polished as any publication out there with its in-depth interviews and rad photos.  There are currently 3 issues out and you can order them all here

#5. LIGHT + DEATH - is brand new (June 9, 2018) and was created by one of our favorite renegade skater girls, Natalie Krishna Das. This publication is mini in size only. Full color and small enough to throw in your back pocket, we love the glossy pages, the cool layouts and the mix of male + female skaters that are highlighted throughout.  If you score a copy of this mini mag - hold on tight - because it's not sold anywhere - it's an awesome freebie and it went fast!

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