A Rookie Wins The Vans Park Series Brazil - Women's Division!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Yndiara Asp  / Photo Acosta for VPS
Sukura Yosozumi / Photo Acosta for VPS

Brighton Zeuner  / Photo Acosta for VPS  
All info & photos via Vans Park Series

 Wow!  The first VPS comp of the season was a great one!

In the Women’s division, Japanese pro Sakura Yosozumi conquered the park course with expert skill, landing a jaw-dropping backside noseblunt revert, and using every inch of the park to land multiple tricks one after the other. Yosozumi surpassed the field in Semi’s as an Open Qualifier and emerged as the victor of the Women’s Brazil event. Runner up and the undisputable crowd favorite, Brazilian Yndiara Asp demonstrated lightning speed and variety to outrun her peers, while the energy from the crowd kept her spirits high. In third, VPS Select Pro and the first-ever park terrain women’s world champ (2016), Brighton Zeuner returns to the podium, wowing the crowd with her unique style and creative trick selection.

Women’s Finals Results

1. Sakura Yosozumi (JPN)
2. Yndiara Asp (BRA)
3. Brighton Zeuner (USA)

4. Lizzie Armanto (USA)
5. Bryce Wettstein (USA)
6. Nicole Hause (USA)
7. Nora Vasconcellos (USA)
8. Poppy Starr Olsen (AUS)

The Vans São Paulo Skatepark is the first and only VPS-certified park terrain skatepark in the Southern hemisphere, built-to-spec by CA Skateparks, with over 2,800 square feet of never before skated park terrain, featuring a 9 1/2 foot deep end, multiple transfers, extensions, a center volcano, ledges, rails, and a mix of concrete and metal coping all around.

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