"I Had A Conversation" Podcast Features Pro Skater Lizzie Armanto.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Photo of Lizzie Armanto by Ken Hada

We really enjoy listening to Ken Hada's new podcast series  "I Had a Conversation" - so we are stoked to see that he has addd yet another female pro skater to the lineup.

The previous conversation he had with Julz Lynn - aka Julie Kindstrand was rad - if you missed it you can hear it via the links below:

Julie Kindstrand  Part 1
Julie Kindstrand  Part 2

But stay tuned there's more....

Now Ken has released Part 1through 3 of his conversation with pro skater Lizzie Armanto and it covers a lot of territory.

Make sure you turn it on and have a listen on the way to the skatepark or any other time you want to hear some "real" converastion about skateboarding.

Lizzie talks about style, combi, falling, injuries, new trick process, criticism, Boba, public speaking, is pro thing, a real thing, and much, much more.

Photo of Lizzie Armanto by Ken Hada

You can take a listen to Ken Hada's "I Had a Conversation"  Featuring Lizzie Armanto

Part 1  HERE

Part 2  HERE

Part 3  HERE 

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