La Kantera Invitational - Women's Results + Photos.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Jordyn Barratt
Minna Stess
Catherine Marquis
Paola Flores
Madeleine Larcheron
Iraia Escobar
Chloe Bernard

Eugenia Ginepro
Silvia Serret March

Photos by Joanne Barratt / Island Style Images

The Volcom La Kantera Invitational in Spain was going off!  This is Volcom's annual pool conrest, but this year they sent the invites out to the women and they definitely showed up ready to compete. USA's Jordyn Barratt and Minna Stess flew over to be part of the contest and brought home 1st and 2nd!


1. Jordyn Barratt
2. Minna Stess
3. Madeleine Larcheron 
4. Chloe Bernard 
5. Catherine Marquis
6. Paola Flores
7. Silvia Serret March
8. Iraia Escobar

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