We Published Another Book On Women's Skateboarding & It Launches Today!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Stefani Nurding from the book Concrete Girls
Concrete Girls launches TODAY!
Stefani Nurding featured in the new book Concrete Girls
A couple pages from the new book Concrete Girls - featuring Lucy Adams
Helena Long & Lois Pendlebury from the new book Concrete Girls
Charlotte Thomas photographer and author of the book Concrete Girls

 All images above via Charlotte Thomas & the book, Concrete Girls

We have always thought that there should be more books on women's skateboarding in the world, so when we started thinking about publishing our first book It's Not About Pretty: A Book About Radical Skater Girls we decided to form a small publishing company under our Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word brand, with the goal of publishing at least one book per year about women and girls skateboarding and possibly other sports featuring women that are not mainstream (yet).

We are proud to say that the new women's skate book CONCRETE GIRLS by Charlotte Thomas launches today and focuses on the female skateboarding scene in the UK. Charlotte has been documenting female skaters like Lucy Adams, Stefani Nurding, Rianne Evans and more for the past five years. The compilation of her work is shown in this beautiful 10x10 book that looks great on your coffee table or nightstand and provides major skate inspiration on every page.

You can order your copy of Concrete Girls  HERE

Concrete Girls is published by Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word  @2018

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