What Happens When You Get 5 Female OG Pro Skaters Together?

Monday, June 11, 2018

1970's OG skaters - Laura, Cindy, Pattie, Edie & Vicki

Vicki Vickers

Pattie Hoffman

Laura Thornhill Caswell

                             Edie Robertson

Cindy Whitehead

All photos Rene Gomez - all rights reserved

Photographer, Rene Gomez, decided it would be fun to do a photo project that focused on female skate legends, so we gathered some of our OG skater friends from back in the day (Vicki Vickers, Pattie Hoffman, Laura Thornhill-Caswell, Edie Robertson & Cindy Whitehead), and let Rene snap away. The result was pretty rad  - these ladies egged each other on and their 16 year old selves came right back into focus.

The moral?  Stay young. Stay rad. And always live life, your way.

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