Mariah Duran Wins Gold at X-Games Women's Street!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Mariah Duran / Photo Eric Lars Bakke / ESPN Images

Aori Nishimura  /  Eric Lars Bakke / ESPN Images

Alexis Sablone   /  Eric Lars Bakke / ESPN Images 

Mariah Duran    /  Eric Lars Bakke / ESPN Images  

Hopefully you tuned into ABC TV live today and caught the X-Games Women's Street Finals - it was a battle back and forth for the medal positions and super rad to watch it all go down! Huge congrats to all the girls today and seeing Mariah Duran's killer run to clinch the goldmedal  was really something to watch!

“I think our scene is really growing and I’m just skating my best in hopes that it keeps getting bigger. Whether we get first or get last it doesn’t matter as long as we are trying our best.

Mariah Duran, gold medalist SoFi Women’s Skateboard Street

 Women's Street Final Results

1st         Mariah Duran - Gold   87.66 (USA)

2nd       Aori Nishimura - Silver   86.00 (JPN)

3rd        Alexis Sablone  - Bronze  84.00 (USA)

4th        Leticia Bufoni   83.00 (BRA)

5th        Pamela Rosa   82.00 (BRA)

6th        Nanaka  Fujisawa   80.00 (JPN)
7th        Julia Brueckler    70.00 (AUS)

8th        Lacey Baker   62.66 (USA)

* Make sure you tune in tomorrow (Sunday) for the Women's Park Finals because it's sure to be epic! 

Showing live on ABC TV - at 2:00 PM ET and 11:00 AM PT

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