Vans Park Series Malmo, Sweden Women's Final Results!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Kisa Nakamura

Brighton Zeuner

Photos via Vans Park Series

The women battled it out in this last VPS event before the World Championships in October, that will take place in China. With equal prize money, to the men's event, on the line for the women, we have seen the level of women's skateboarding progress faster and faster this year. Huge thanks to Vans for that - you can really see the difference it is making!

Poppy Starr Olsen was leading during the first run landing everything she tried but Jordyn Barratt had an incredible second run packed full of tricks that catapulted her right into first place. Kisa Nakamura landed a nice backside 360 on the banked wall which moved her up to third. Sakura pulled off a nose blunt on the 10 ft vert section and moved into second place. Kisa pulled off an awesome 3rd run and she moved into second place - right on Jordyn's heels.  Last runs had Brighton moving up to third and that's your podium!

Please check with later in the day for replays of the top three skaters.


1st    Jordyn Barratt
2nd   Kisa Nakamura
3rd   Brighton Zeuner

4th   Sakura Yosozumi
5th   Poppy Starr Olsen
6th   Arianna Carmona
7th   Lizzie Armanto
8th   Hunter Long

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