30 Skaters Compete At World Championship Semi-Finals - Watch Them live TONIGHT!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Yndiara Asp

Maite Steenhoudt

Nicole hause

Bryce Wettstein

Kokoana Hiraki

Hunter Long

 Photos via World Skate / Bryce Kanights

Last nights Park Skateboarding Championships Qualifiers in Nanjing, China  was insane - so many girls in one place skating hard - 35 women from 18 countries! They came from all over the world and the camaraderie was awesome.

Only 23 move on to today's semi-finals were they will meet up with the top 7 skaters from Vans Park Series. Then we will watch the comp go directly to women's finals - so buckle up, because it's going to be a long night here in the USA watching it all go down!

This competition is new for all the ladies - they now have the exact same scoring system as the mens comps - so when you see lower than normal scores than you are used to on the screen, don't freak out - the skater you are watching may actually be in the top 5! The ladies will also receive the same prize money as the men - $30,000 to the winner

Equality is HUGE in this comp!

These are the 7 women from VPS that go straight to the semi-finals tonight:

Yndiara Asp        (BRAZIL)  
Jordyn Barratt        (USA)
Sakura Yosozumi. (JAPAN)
Poppy Olsen         (AU)     
Kisa Nakamura     (JAPAN)
Kokoana Hiraki    (JAPAN)    
Nicole Hause        (USA)  

These are the 23 skaters moving on to the semi-finals tonight from yesterday's qualifiers:

Bryce Wettstein (USA)
Minna Stess. (USA)
Shanae Collins. (AU)
Misugu Okamoto  (JAPAN)
Isadora  Pacheco (BRAZIL)
Emily Antunes (BRAZIL)
Shani Bru (FRANCE)
Dora Varella (BRAZIL)
Kihana Ogawa  (JAPAN)
Hunter Long (USA)
Taniah Meyers (AU)
Maite Steenhoudt  (BELGIUM)
Xin Zhang (CHINA)
Grace Cochrane (AU)
Nicole Means (PHILIPPINES)
Amar Hadid (AU)
Camilla  Borges (BRAZIL)
Mami Tezuka (JAPAN)
Daniela Terol (SPAIN)
Valeria Bertaccini (ITALY)
Jiayi  Lou (CHINA)
Julia Benedetti (SPAIN)
Leticia Goncalves (BRAZIL)


Thursday, November 1

11AM - Women’s Semi-Finals live on www.worldskate.tv
2:30PM Women’s Finals live on www.worldskate.tv

Here in the USA You can watch:

Women's Semi-Finals TONIGHT (Wednesday, 10/31) Live at 8 PM PST 

Women's Finals tonight at 11:30 PM  PST

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