The 3rd GN4LW Micro Grant Goes To...

Monday, October 8, 2018

 Photos by Blaine Chostetler, Kaden Prado, and CJ Anderson

We are proud to announce that our third Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word micro-grant was awarded this past week to Salty Bitches in Utah! Twenty-two year old Noelle Sanders has been running this all-female skate group and planning consistent meet-ups with girls in the Salt Lake area for the past year, and the results have been huge. She has started a skate community that is growing each and every time she throws an event - all ages and abilities are welcome and the the environment is encouraging for  beginners, to avid skaters working on that next trick.

In a place where girls thought they were the only one at their local skatepark, they now have new female friends to skate with, hit up various parks with, film with, and to connect and encourage other girls to get on a board and skate.

We think that's pretty rad, and wanted to help Noelle continue her sessions and expand her vision even more!

Salty Bitches just had an amazing write up in Salt Lake City Weekly - you can read about them  HERE

Please follow Salty Bitches on instagram @_saltybitches

This grant was made possible by our friends at Tabula Rasa in Manhattan Beach, CA - they threw a launch party for our "Good Vibes" bag collab with MIXT Studio and gave 10% of the sales that night to Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word micro-grants - huge thanks to Tabula Rasa for their generous donation. 

Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word is providing micro grants for projects that we feel help further women and girls in skateboarding - especially those endeavors that involve creating and changing the media perception of girls in action sports and those that create a welcoming space for women to get together and skate. Grants are made possible through GN4LW via the sale of our skateboard line with Dwindle Distribution, as well as sales from our in-house apparel line and our all girls skateboard book "It's Not About Pretty". We also have select partnerships that we engage in from time to time, that also make these micro grants possible.

If you'd like to apply for a micro-grant please hit us up HERE

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