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Friday, October 26, 2018

Yndiara Asp

Nicole Hause
Poppy Starr Olsen
Kokoana Hiraki
Jordyn Barratt

Sakura Yosozum

Video recap of the 2018 Women's Pro Tour - video by Vans

All photos by Joanne Barratt

Some rad skating went down in Suzhou, China today. But at the end of it all only 8 girls will advance to the finals, which we will be able to watch LIVE here in the USA tonight!

It's anyone's guess who will end up on podium as this is a tough field, but we do need to mention that 10 year old newcomer, Kokoana Hiraki from Japan, is one who could throw an upset into the event - word coming from China practice and prelims is that she is an amazing skater with a huge bag of tricks!

In the finals we have 3 skaters from the USA, 3 from Japan, 1 from Brazil and 1 from Australia. The youngest is age 10 - Kohoana and the oldest are, Nicole and Yndiara both age 21.


1. Sakura Yosozumi
2. Brighton Zeuner
3. Yndiara Asp
4. Jordyn Barratt
5. Poppy Olsen
6. Kisa Nakamura
7. Kokoana Hiraki
8. Nicole Hause

Saturday, October 27

11AM - Women’s Finals (local time)

** Please Note:  Webcast of women's finals here in USA will be on FRIDAY, October 26  8 PM PDT / 11 PM EST  

Catch it all live at VansParkSeries.com



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