Belvedere Skatepark Meet Up - Photos.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Death to Sadie
Stinson sisters
Jazzmen Chavez
Adriana Uruena
Jazzmen Chavez
Chloe Opal
Jazmyn Black
Death to Sadie & Felicia
Gable Stinson
Tracie Garacochea
Jazmyn Black
Jazzmen Chavez

 Photos @ianloganphoto x @girlisnota4letterword

Please credit both when sharing on social - thanks!

La Girls Skate Sesh and Chicks in Bowls combined forces for a fun all girls skate meet up at Belvedere Skatepark in Los Angeles today. The ladies were out in full force and it was a blast seeing girls ripping on roller skates in the bowl, right next to female skateboarders and of course Tracie who shreds WCMX!

We love that these meet-ups are in all different places throughout LA and the surrounding areas, because  the crowd of girls is different each and every time. We met girls thast we had never met before and some that we only knew via Instagram - which was very cool!

Big thanks to Jazzmen and Chloe for putting these events together - we are proud to be a sponsor of this session, along with Bones and Autonomy skateboards!

See you next time!!

** If we posted a pic with no name under it, and you know who the girl is, please DM @girlisnota4letterword on Instagram and let us know so we can add it!  Thanks.

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