Exposure Skate - Day One.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Lilly Stoephasius
Jordan Santana

Quinne Daniels
Karen Muto
London Meza

Bella Kenworthy

Briel Weingartner

Carlin Makibbin

Lola Tambling

Lola Tambling

Indiana Barnard

Stella Reynolds

Michelle Yoon

Leah Ho

Raina Saenz

Ava Godfrey

Tuli Lam
Emma Houle

Zoe Herishen

Photos @ianloganphoto for @girlisnota4letterword - please credit on social media 

Day one of Exposure Skate was off the charts! So many awesome girls from all over the world came out to skate, see friends and shred the bowl & street course for the AM competition. The under 14 year old group is one to watch, these girls were pushing HARD. The 15 and over girls were working the entire bowl with back to back tricks, so it's a sure bet that some of them have their sights on going pro in the very near future! The best part about the day was seeing so many girl skating together and having FUN.

If we didn't post your name under your picture  - please DM us on Instagram @girlisnota4letterword and we will add your name ASAP


Bowl 14 and Under

1st  Bella Kenworthy
2nd  Karen Muto
3rd  Carlin Makibbin

Bowl 15 and Over

1st  Susie Heath
2nd  Michelle Yoon
3rd  Tuli Lam

Street 14 and Under

1st  Oda Yumeka
2nd  Sora Yamasaki
3rd  Paige Heyn

Street 15 and Over

1st  Brooke Whipp
2nd  Carly Vnderkarr
3rd  Hannah Tallman

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