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Monday, December 24, 2018

Photo Ian Logan

It's been a fun year with so much going on in women's skateboarding. More than we could have ever imagined, and that is great news. There were pro models for quite a few female skaters, a Hollywood movie about a legit skate crew, an awesome women's skate shoe that sold off the shelf for Nora, and the Olympics are coming, which has been a great equalizer for the best news of this past year - equal prize money for the women!!

And our crew of Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word skaters + support crew is stronger than ever, so big shout out everyone who helps us make this happen day after day, because we could not do it alone.

Skate Crew:

Minna Stess
Grace Cochrane
Amanda Caloia
Emma Houle
Zoe Herishen
Ruby Lilley
Briel Weingartner
Kat Folsom
Kyra Williams
Zoe Benedetto
Quinne Daniels
Kala Baltasar
Elise Crigar

And the awesome ladies from "She Skates Here"!

Support Team

Ian Logan - Staff Photographer
Joanne Barratt - Contributing Photographer abroad
Kristin Lawson - Marketing & PR + online sales
Stephanie Wise - Intern 
Candy Dungan - PR Releases
Eric Bangle - tech + coding guru
Elise Crigar - photos, design, moral support + more
City of Hermosa Beach & Hermosa Historical Society

Business Team

Dusters California & Dwindle Distribution x GN4LW collab boards
Sunshine Canteen x GN4LW collab tee line
Artists - Jim Rugg / "Street Angel" & P.C. Witte / "Girl Power"
Diemen Distribution - AU and beyond for our book & apparel line
Mixt Studios x GN4LW bag collab
Jol Designs - who executes all our crazy ideas
Wrenn Management - business support, legal and contracts
Flower Child - ongoing support of GN4LW and team rider Amanda Panda 
She Shreds (aka Gina Duffy) - longtime support of GN4LW
Metiza Magazine - we are stoked to be partners with these ladies!

All of the awesome stores all over the world that carry the GN4LW products.

And YOU!

Thanks for staying tuned to all the daily news we post and for all of your support!

Now get out, have some fun and Skate!!

Happy Holidays from the entire GN4LW Crew!

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