How Do You Qualify To Compete In The 2020 Olympics For Skateboarding?

Thursday, January 10, 2019

We know things have been back and forth, and info has been spotty at best, but here is the latest on how skateboarding in the Olympics will work and how someone qualifies!

*All info below compiled directly via World Skate Organization.

How many skateboarders will qualify?

A total of 80 athletes will compete in 4 skateboarding events.

How does that break down for the women?

20 female street skaters
20 female park skaters

(same numbers for the guys)

How many skaters per country?

This Olympic event isn't by country, it's by continent - so a minimum of 1 athlete per continent will be guaranteed a spot for each event.

Exception!  Since Japan is the host country, they will be guaranteed 1 athlete per each event.

How and when do you qualify?

That all starts happening this year - 2019!!

The qualification system will be based on World Skateboarding Rankings maintained by World Skate. Skaters will earn points by competing in World Skate sanctioned events during the Olympic qualifying peroid beginning January 1, 2019 and ending May 31, 2020.

What will judging be like?

World Skate International has established and International Skateboard Judging Commission to create an official skateboarding judging criteria and system.

The committee is made up of a diverse group of National Federation and Sport Organizer skateboard judging experts.


The aim of the international Skateboard Judging Commission is to standardize skateboarding judging criteria ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics based on what is universally agreed and accepted in current skateboarding competitions.

What will the Olympic Skatepark look like?

World Skate says "it supports the idea of skateparks being unique in design thus enhancing progress and creativity of skateboarding. For this reaspon Worl Skate will not release any official skateppoark designs for the Olympic competitions."

Instead, World Skate will disclose criteria and examples enabling skatepark designers to create skateparks that match Olympic standard.

Some countries have identified the athletes they hope will make it to the Olympics and are already named them and are using resources to train them to get ready - has the USA done the same?

We know at this point that letters have been sent to the athletes the USA wishes to have on the USA Olympic development team, but no formal/public announcement has been made.  As soon as the info can be released we will share it with you!

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