More Skater Girls In A New Music Video.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Check out Smoke Season's new video "Up On Me" that features female skateboarders - Lydia Martinez, Marissa Martinez, Felicia the Sk8r, & Kelly Bentovoja.

Love the look of this video - great job!


Director: Natalie Neal
Producer: Natalie Neal
Editing: Gabby Bianco, Natalie Neal, Jason Rosen
Director of Photography: Sean Bagley
Unit B Cinematographer: Daria Rountree
Camera Intern: Spencer Frazen
Colorist: Michael Schatz, Sean Bagley
Wardrobe Styling: Kristin Condia
Hair & Make Up: Andrea Samuels
Assistant Hair & Make up: Brittany Doles
Production Assistants: Camila Contreras, Jack Chown

Starring: Lydia Martinez, Marissa Martinez, Christopher Vick, Felicia the Sk8r, Kelly Bentovoja, Bobby Coyote, Daria Rountree, and Blake Fights as The Trash Queen

Cover Photography: Pedro Martinez

Special thanks to Welcome Skateboards, Underpin PR, TUK Footwear and Copeland Entertainment Produced by Andrew Furze Mixed by Todd Bergman Mastered by Gentry Studer Distributed worldwide courtesy of AWAL

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