OH-SO Magazine - A Full Mag Featuring Only Female Skateboarders.

Monday, February 25, 2019

We are always so stoked when a magazine decides to feature female skateboarders, but we are even more excited when an entire magazine is devoted to their stories and images. Welcome to our new favorite read, OH-SO MAGAZINE!

OH-SO Magazine was founded after the publishers 7-year-old daughter took an interest in skateboarding in the summer of 2018. They started shopping for a board she could skate and learn on—they went to a store and looked for something that appealed to her—but they both noticed that it was a male dominated selection. The daughter asked her dad why she couldn’t find something she liked...so began the search to help her find something she could identify with while she immersed herself in the brief history of female skateboarding.

Ultimately, this led to the development and production of OH-SO, a magazine that celebrates the global female skateboarding scene. They've reached out to many talented individuals, looking to contribute and collaborate along the way, and they will continue to do so to document this journey.

The goal at the magazine is to shed light on the many conversations that are happening in and around women's skateboarding. OH-SO goes behind-the-scenes to give you a first person perspective from the many females who are contributing to the growth in the global skateboarding community -- with a nod to those who paved the way.

Featured in the first issue: Exclusive Interviews with the skate-legend and head of The Alliance, Mimi Knoop. England’s first female pro Lucy Adams who is current chair of Skateboard GB the national federation. After defying gravity, Lizzie Armanto talks us through what really happened in the Loop! Atita Verghese who is using Skateboarding to empower India’s often neglected-women -- Atita is a role model in every sense. These interviews are just a sample of what is happening and who is helping shape the women's skateboarding community...you don't want to miss this issue!

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