The Fate Of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Lizzie Armanto - Transworld Magazine November 2016

Along with all the other nasty news right now about (AMI) American Media's CEO/Chairman, David Pecker, the news about AMI acquiring all the Transworld Magazine titles may have gone unnoticed by most.

Yes, it's true, AMI Publishing purchased The Enthusiast Network (TEN) and Transworld Skateboarding Magazine (TWS) was one of TEN's publications.

We heard that more than half the TEN staff was let go last week, including numerous people in key positions at TWS and rumors are swirling today that AMI has shuttered Transworld Skateboarding Magazine for good - we are not sure if that last part is fact.

Transworld's Wikipedia page latest update states (using the past tense "was"):

       "Transworld Skateboarding (TWS) was an international magazine on skateboarding that was based in Carlsbad, California. The publication also ran an accompanying website and video production company. As of February 2019, the publication was killed by the American Media, LLC alongside other Transworld publications." 

Transworld Skateboarding Magazine has been around for thirty-five years now and we were so happy when they did that awesome issue full of women skaters, with pro skater, Lizzie Armanto, on the cover in November 2016 - that sold out immediately.

Sky & Quinne with the November issue of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine 

We gotta be honest here - we LOVE print publications. The internet is great and awesome for fast info like contest results or breaking news, but there is nothing like holding a magazine in your hands and thumbing through the pages or pinning inspiring pictures on your wall.

If the rumor is true, we are sorry to see Transworld Skateboarding Magazine go, they were an integral part of the skate community for so long and a lot of great people are now out of jobs. If it's not true, buy the mag, or subscribe and support!

Let's try & keep print ALIVE by supporting the magazines we do have left, and the new ones just starting up.

Here are a few new print magazine publications that we love and that we feel deserve your support!

You can order them online via the links below.

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