We Offer No Apologizes For What We're Doing In NYC on Thursday.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Last year we put up 2 big billboards that featured female skateboarders in a high traffic area (Sunset Blvd.) in Los Angeles, and now we're doing it NYC!  Yep, you heard that right. We are lighting up the sky and launching not one, but TWO huge electronic billboards in Times Square this Thursday evening, and both billboards will feature female skateboarders!

March is National Women's Month so we thought we'd kick it off the night before, by featuring women in skateboarding in a BIG way.

One of the 2 billboards we put up on Sunset Blvd in 2018

Some of our California skate crew, along with our photographer are flying out and will be in Times Square Thursday night  - Quinne Daniels is our ambassador and she will be giving out Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word pins and stickers along with team rider, Kyra Williams, during the launch. Our photographer, Ian Logan, will be shooting pics of any and all skater girls who come through. And to highlight National Women's Month - the gallery will be posted on our site for you to download, and a selection of images will be on our Instagram for you to share as well.

Hashtags for the event are:


We heard that OH-SO Magazine, QUELL Magazine and Adrienne from MS RPRSNTD, as well as Lola "The Young Vandal" will all be attending - we can't wait to connect with all the NYC skaters we haven't met yet, so we hope to see you there!

Details on time & location at end of this post.

Kyra with the Street Angel board

In anticipation of this event, Dusters California is giving 15% off any Dusters x Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word "STREET ANGEL" cruiser, with artwork by legendary comic book artist Jim Rugg!

Use code gn4lw at check out - HERE  



FROM 5:30 PM-7:30 PM 

** Billboards are debuting at, 42nd Street & 7th Avenue - facing South East.

Each billboard will rotate 30 times and stay up for 15 seconds each.

There is a vertical billboard and horizontal billboard just below it - there will be images on BOTH  billboards - but we're not going to share the images that are going up - that part is a surprise!

Big thanks to everyone involved in this project - Elise Crigar (design), Ian Logan (photography), Dusters California (borad collab),  Sunshine Canteen and Jim Rugg (collabs with GN4LW + artists) our GN4LW skaters, and all of you for coming out. 

We can't do what we do, without great support like this, so THANK YOU!

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