Another Skateboard Magazine Bites The Dust.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Yesterday was a sad day for those in skateboarding, when it was announced that TRANSWORLD SKATEBOARDING MAGAZINE (TWS) will no longer be published. After AMI bought The Enthusist Network (TEN), that TWS was part of, everyone wondered how the skate mag would fare under the umbrella of  AMI which publishes magazines like Muscle & Fitness, M&F HERS, The Star, & The Enquirer, among others, and is helmed by CEO/Chairman David Pecker - who definitely isn't a skateboard fan.

Tuesday the answer became abundantly clear when people started receiving notifications (see below) that their magazine subscription to TWS would now be replaced with a subscription to Men's Journal, another AMI publication. The internet was rife with comments from men and women alike wondering how that was even comparable, and in the women's case, asking things like;

 "Why the hell do you think we want Men's Jornal? Are you assuming all raders of TWS are male?"

Photo via Heidi Lemmon

Those of us who have been involved with AMI and it's chairman/CEO in the past, know that yes, it's definitely a "mans world" over at AMI - so no surprises there.

Now is the time to step up and show support for the skate mags that are still in print or have websites they update daily. And if you enjoy seeing what the female skaters are up to, support print publications like OH-SO Magazine, SKATEISM and QUELL - because they are out there making their mark.

I know for a fact, that I'd rather have my mailbox receiving any one of those three mags than MEN'S JOURNAL - that's for SURE!

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