No More "Invite Only" - You Can Now Compete In Street League!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Some GREAT news from SLS!!

SLS, in a partnership with World Skate, is proud to introduce our all new World Tour event format! Starting in 2019, we will be getting rid the Pro Open event, and from now on, each and every stop of the tour will have a multi-round format, including a Global Open Round, where more skaters will have the opportunity to work their way up the rankings and solidify a spot on the SLS World Tour.

That means more of your favorite skaters from all over the world will now have a shot at making it into SLS!

See the images below for a full breakdown on the new 2019 SLS World Tour - Women's Event Format.

This is another great thing the Olympics have done for women's skateboarding - where you used to wonder "how do I even get a shot at competing in Street League? (Because it was "invite only") There is now a clear and open path for you to work your way up the chain - so everyone has a fair shot.

This is going to produce so many more talented female rippers and push the existing pro's even harder. Women's skateboarding can only get better and better - and that is awesome!

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