Pro Skateboarder Jordyn Barratt Signs Sponsorship Deal With Toyota.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Congrats to actions sport athletes Jordyn Barratt (skateboarding), Lakey Peterson (surfing) and Alise Willoughby (BMX) for joing team Toyota!  

From breaking down barriers to defying the odds and overcoming physical limitations, Team Toyota's newest group of athletes have challenged the status quo and inspire people across the world to do the same.

"Whether it's here in the United States or on the global stage, these Team Toyota athletes inspire others to believe in their own strength, determination, and ability to achieve their dreams," said Ed Laukes, group vice president, Toyota Marketing, Toyota Motor North America. "As the Human Movement Company, we have an opportunity through these athlete partnerships to show people that no matter the challenge, when a person is free to move, anything is possible."

"Each athlete has overcome his or her own limitations and provides a unique voice to our mobility message," said Dedra DeLilli, group manager, Olympic and Paralympic marketing, Toyota Motor North America. "By partnering with these incredible individuals, we're not only able to support them throughout their Olympic and Paralympic journeys, but we're also able to connect with people around the world and tell our Toyota story."

In addition to the 14 Team USA athletes and hopefuls who have joined Team Toyota, U.S. Paralympians Oksana Masters, Brad Snyder and Jarryd Wallace also continue to represent Toyota heading into the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Team Toyota summer athletes include:

Jordyn Barratt (USA Skateboarding): a two-time X Games medalist, Barratt began skateboarding at 11 years old. In 2016, she became the first female to compete in both skating and surfing at the VANS US OPEN where she podiumed in skateboarding. Now 19 years old, Barratt hopes to compete in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 where skateboarding will make its Olympic Games debut.

Lakey Peterson (USA Surfing): became the first female to pull an aerial maneuver in surfing competition at age 14. Peterson has competed with the World Surf League since 2010, most recently winning the Roxy Pro Gold Coast competition in Australia in 2018, and is currently ranked No. 2 in the world.
Alise Willoughby (USA Cycling): a two-time U.S. Olympian and World Champion in BMX racing, Willoughby began racing at the age of six. Willoughby has had a storied career, winning a silver medal at the Olympic Games Rio 2016, and several other notable accolades along her journey as the winningest rider in USA BMX history.

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