Vanguards Skate Video Is Released and it's Epic!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Just in time for International Women's Day, Vans released this new Vanguards Video:  Style, Creativity, and Skateboarding, their own way! The just-released video features; Brighton Zeuner, Lizzie Armanto,  Yndiara Asp, and Mami Tezuka.

There’s a new movement happening in skateboarding, one where creativity wins and style matters – and Vans skateboarders Lizzie Armanto, Yndiara Asp, Mami Tezuka and Brighton Zeuner are leading the charge. Watch as each reflects on their skating and how they’re fired up by the desire to do things their own way.

Press Release:

Vans, the original action sports brand and icon of creative expression, unveils the first chapter of its beloved THIS IS OFF THE WALL  campaign, exploring the identities and influences that fuel modern skate style in “Vanguards”. Expanding on Vans’ THIS IS OFF THE WALL narrative, the campaign defines what “Off The Wall” means through a diverse series of digital storytelling and immersive engagements that inspire, enable and support global creative communities. The campaign kicks off with “Vanguards”, an exploration of how style, individuality and creativity shape skateboarding through the lenses of Vans team riders Lizzie Armanto, Brighton Zeuner, Yndiara Asp and Mami Tezuka.

“Everyone has their own unique approach to skating: where they grew up, who they were influenced by – it all affects how they look on a board,” said Vans team rider Lizzie Armanto. “Vanguards” showcases a remarkable roster of skateboarders and examines how the unique experiences of each athlete has defined their own sense of style on and off the board. Highlighting attributes such as Lizzie Armanto’s flowy, surf-skating form inspired by her Santa Monica roots, Brighton Zeuner’s colorful personality that parallels her bold performance, Yndiara Asp’s fearless attitude that made her a standout in the Brazilian skate scene, and Mami Tezuka’s focused sense of timing that was honed over years of studying piano in her native Japan, “Vanguards” conveys a breadth of creative interpretations all founded in skateboarding.

“Our brand’s identity is continually inspired by personalities such as the women you meet in the Vanguards campaign.” shares Erwin Federizo, Vans’ Global Executive Creative Director. “By sharing their stories, we are able to continue celebrating the unique individuals who are living and breathing Vans’ ‘Off The Wall’ ethos. Creative campaigns like this are a true testament to our purpose.”
“Vanguards” represents Vans’ commitment to supporting the longevity and growth of skateboarding. In 2018, Vans embarked on a global initiative to teach women of all ages how to skateboard through a series of skate clinics in an effort to introduce a new form of expression, while empowering the skate community through new perspectives. Vans remains committed to growing and sustaining skateboarding worldwide, hosting a brand-new series of women’s skate workshops across the globe beginning March 8, 2019, International Women’s Day. Throughout the year, Vans will also host Vanguard experiences at Vans Park Series events featuring skate clinics, photo exhibits and experiential activations curated by local athletes and the Vanguards themselves.

Visit to learn more about skate clinics near you.

“Vans extends beyond traditional campaigns by funding efforts that create meaningful interactions with loyalists and newcomers alike,” said April Vitkus, Senior Director of Vans Global Brand Marketing. “Vanguards aims to not only tell a story of four women but invites everyone to experience the creative depth that surrounds what we cherish most – skateboarding.”

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