Vans Girls Combi Was Crazy Good!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Ruby Lilley
Leah Ho
Jesse Frietze-Armenta
Gale Webb & Heidi Lemmon
Michelle Barnett
Gabrielle Rataiczak
Hunter Long
Lizzie Armanto
Jordyn Barratt
Sakura Yosozumi
Bryce Wettstein
 Photo credit if reposting @girlisnota4letterword

*Our regular photographer wasn't able to make it out to combi today so we had to wing it with our photos this time - at least you get a small overview of what was happening!

Vans Girls Combi is always awesome but this year every division had so many girls ripping, you didn't want to miss one second of it!  We were bummed to see that pro's, Minna Stess, Arianna Carmona, Brighton Zeuner, and Hannah Zanzi did not compete this year - due to injury in some cases.

Girls came from Japan, China, Australia, Spain, & Brazil to compete alongside of the American girls. The prize purse overall was $68,000 which is the largest prize purse for Vans Girls Combi ever - thank you Vans!

Pro Podium

1. Lizzie Armanto
2. Sakura Yosozumi
3. Jordyn Barratt

15 and Over Podium 

1. Jordan Santana
2. Michelle Yoon
3. Tuli Lam

14 and Under Podium

1. Karen Mutu
2. Lilly Stopephasius
3. Indiana Barnard

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