Gale Webb To Be Honored With An Icon Award at Skateboarding Hall of Fame!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Gale Webb back in the day - she was about 35 years old then and RIPPING!

The orginal skateboarding family; Gale & Jim, son Mike, niece and nephew "little" Gale & Johnny
Gale has always been a hero to us all.
Gale traveled with a half-pipe as well as this big cargo van emblazoned with her name on it
The orginal "Sports Mom" in action on her own ramp
Gale did it all and did it extremely well!
Gale shooting at a recent contest
Gale & Tony Hawk - via Skateboarding Hall of Fame

This is really on of the best days  in the history of women’s skateboarding. It was announced this past week that GALE WEBB is being inducted with an ICON award into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame

A bit about Gale's long and lengthy history in the sport.

Gale started doing skate and bmx shows back in 1976 traveling to malls and schools with groups of us skater kids doing demos on her portable ramp with her husband Jim right by her side - she continiued doing this until just recently when it physically got to be too much for her to do alone after hebeloved Jim passed away. At every demo she was always reminding children that “Kids R #1” and to "stay off drugs". Her positive presence and welcoming attitude made her demos popular and she was booked week in and week out, touring all over California.

Some people don’t know that Gale also skated vert right alongside of us. She was about 35 yrs old then and ripped hard. Gale also raced motocross, skydived as well as snowboarded. She’s a badass woman who showed us girls, what a rad role model was. I learned from her that paying it forward is always the most important thing.

Nowadays you’ll always see Gale at every skate contest shooting her iconic and beautiful photos to help keep skateboarding history alive.

Almost everyone in the history of skateboarding knows and loves Gale Webb - she has touched the lives of so many of us in so many ways - she is simply amazing.

On May 2, 2019, Gale Webb will be inducted into The Skateboarding Hall of Fame as an ICON and I’m so proud and honored to know her. ❤️


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