Results From VPS Oceania and UK National Championships.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Helena Long took 1st in Street at the UK National Championships - Photo via Graystone

This weekend had two major comps for the women that were NOT in the USA. Isn't that nice for a change?!

Scroll down to get the results and news on each one.

Poppy Starr Olsen took 1st at VPS Oceania     Photo by Andrew Mapstone for VPS

The Vans Park Series (VPS)  Oceania Continental Championships took place on Saturday in Sydney, AU where the winner will have a fast track pass directly to World Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah later this year. There were 7 ladies competing with last years champion Poppy Starr Olsen defending her title. Noticeably absent was AU's Sabre Norris who last year took an impressive 2nd place.


1st   Poppy Starr Olsen - goes directly to the World Championships in Salt Lake City, UT
2nd  Shanae  Collins
3rd  Taniah Meyers

4th   Grace Cochrane
5th   Charlotte Heath
6th  Aimee Massie
7th  Mistie Mildenhall

The UK National Championships were also happening and for a lot of us it was the first time we have had a chance to see the UK ladies skate in a comp. There has not been a UK National Championship since 2013 so it's been a long time and it's so great to see! We should also mention that this comp had equal pay for both the women and men's - so great seeing that!

While most of us anticipated that they'd skate park (as that's the discipline - along with street - happening in the 2020 Olympics), the comp actually took place in what looked more like a bowl than what we are used to seeing at VPS for park - which is very spread out with many obstacles. The tighter "bowl" configuration made it a bit tougher to set up for tricks, but the ladies rallied and put on a good show!

In case you missed it check out the Women's Park Finals below!

Sky Brown showed up for her first major UK comp since being named to the UK National Team and made a good showing. While she fell while trying the 540 in her first run, she nailed it straight off on her second run to secure her a score of 308 and propelling her into 1st place. Amy Rahm flew into second and Rebecca Davies took a well-deserved third.


1st  Sky Brown               308
2nd Amy Rahm              275
3rd  Rebecca Davies       260

4th  Amy Brady              246
5th  Helena Long            230

Sky Brown took 1st in Women's Park

The street competition used the SLS format of having  a couple runs each plus a "best trick" section - you had four tries to do a "best trick" and wow the judges which added to your highest score.  Strategy is always best in situations like this, and Helena Long came out fast and furious to nail down first place in short order - the girl was NOT messing around!  Freya Brooks was hot on her tail and ultimately took 2nd and Aimy Brady grabbed third.


1st      Helena Long        640
2nd     Freya Brooks       631
3rd      Aimy Brady         576

4th     Amy Ram             379
5th     Lily Grace            344
6th     Sky Brown            291
7th     Rosie Kliskey       120

Big shout out to the UK announcers, one of which was pro skater Lucy Adams. They did a great job explaining tricks to a BBC audience that might not know what is going on in skateboarding (yet) and made it fun for everyone watching with their lively commentary and kind words.

This was the first contest for the UK skaters that count as points towards the goal of going to the Olympics!

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