Tony Hawk Has Praise For Girl Carving Bowl For First Time.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Do you remember the first time you learned to do a low carve in a bowl? Now imagine that moment with Tony Hawk looking on.

Tony was taking part in a Berrics video, driving around the San Diego area yelling "do a kick-flip" to random skaters he found and giving them prizes if they did it, or tried hard to do one. Towards the end of the mission, he goes into Poods Park to see if anyone can "do a crailside" in the bowl when he spots a young girl taking a skateboarding lesson and learning how to do a basic carve. As soon as she lets go of the instructor's hands and does it herself, Tony gives her some high praise. The moment starts at 5:23 but you should watch the entire video as it's all good!

Thanks to Tony for always supporting female skaters!

In fact, did you ever catch the video of Tony teaching his daughter to drop in for the first time - it's a good one too!

My daughter has been learning to skate on her own recently, and decided she wanted to finally drop in on our mini setup at my office over the weekend. Her biggest challenges were overcoming her initial fear and tendency to lean towards wherever I was standing (in hopes of having me catch her). I finally stood in her path so that she would shift her weight correctly. My biggest challenge was trying to be supportive while letting her go on her own terms. I don’t remember my first drop in vividly, but I’ll never forget hers. I used a Solo cup as a tripod, so apologies for the lack of production value; I never imagined our little session would go viral. 

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