Been Wondering Who The Skater Girl Is In The New Movie Booksmart?

Monday, May 27, 2019

We saw the new movie, BOOK SMART, this weekend and it didn't disappoint!  Especially when one of the very first scenes in the film has a female skater kickflipping as she skateboards across the screen - no stunt double here!

The film, directed by Olivia Wilde  is a cross between the Hangover x Clueless x Superbad. It centers on two girls (Molly and Amy) who spent their entire high school years doing nothing but studying to get into good colleges, and they decide that on the last night of school to cram four years of fun into one last night before they graduate. It's hysterical and well done from start to finish.

Image courtesy Annapurna Pictures

But back to the female skateboarder!  You may already know 21-year-old Victoria Ruesga who lives and skates in the North Hollywood area.   She's totally into Baker Distribution and Adidas - who both flow her product. She's a tattooed street skater and a badass girl. In the film she plays Ryan, who Amy has a crush on. She's said in interviews that she bacsically got to play herself, which was fun.

Victoria Ruesga via instagram

We love that Victoria was kept in clothing throughout the movie that was true to her and her character - a DEATHWISH tee,  Dickies, Adidas jacket, ringer tees, beanies, broken in skate shoes and a "not new" board - so many times mainstream films and commercials get this wrong.

Victoria is a blast to watch and it was great to see that while a guy also skates through the halls of the school in one scene in the film, that a female skater was a focal character. Times are changing!!

Check out more of Victoria doing her thing below and give her a follow on instagram @littleruesga

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