Female Skateboarder On The Cover Of Red Bulletin Magazine! Yes!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Photos of Leticia Bufoni by Steven Lippman

Make sure you grab a copy of RED BULLETIN Magazine this month because it's the "Skate Issue" and Leticia Bufoni, sporting some seriously rad, bright pink hair, graces the cover!  Great interview - Leticia shares her views on everything from avocado toast to the Olympics. Plus there are loads of great photos of Leticia inside as well.

Photos of Brighton Zeuner by Steven Lippman

15-year-old Brighton Zeuner, is also featured in this issue as well, and shares a bit about how skateboarding is not all she is about. Plus her parents weigh in on how her skateboarding career got started and how she copes with the stress that comes along with being so young and a top skater on tour. Nice to read an in-depth article like this one about Brighton.

Photos of Brighton Zeuner by Steven Lippman

The June Issue of Red Bulletin Magazine is on newsstands now!

You can also read the Red Bull interviews with Brighton and Leticia online HERE

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