Know The Feeling - Gorgeous Video Series On Women's Surfing By Billabong.

Monday, May 6, 2019

 Billabong, unveils their latest female content series for 2019, "Know the Feeling." The progressive video series features multiple female surfers, including world-renowned athlete Laura Enever, as well as three young women, Monica Guo, Meryem El Gardoum and Natasha Sand, who are pioneering women's surfing in China, Morocco and Sri Lanka.

Shot in each of the women's hometowns, the campaign shares both the inspiring women's stories of breaking through cultural norms to become surfers and also a local perspective on the food, environment, and people that make their surf community unique.

The "Know the Feeling" video series is about the magic of the ocean that connects us all. It's for the women who see the sea not as limiting, but as an invitation. This latest campaign from Billabong showcases the power of what surfing can bring to an individual and community, and how wherever our travels take us, no matter what language you may speak, in the ocean we are all connected with the same voice. The bond we forge across the sea is a freedom, a familiarity. And when you feel it, you'll know.

"Know the Feeling" can be viewed this season by heading to the Billabong Women's YouTube channel, where the four-part series will debut - we've posted the first two here but Sri Lanka and China are still to come - we can't wait!

The product featured in the campaign is from the latest Summer 2019 collection and is available at For more information and to shop the latest collection of swimwear, visit the site, or follow the brand on Instagram @BillabongWomens.

Happy Monday - hope you are as inspired now to jump into the week as we are!

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