London SLS Women's Podium Was Full Of Surprises - Watch The Full Replay Here!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Via Rayssa Leal Instagram

In case you spent the morning sleeping in, we have the full recap of the Women's SLS Finals from London for you, right here!

It was a battle back and forth as to who would end up on the podium and people were cheering for not only the obvious favorites (Leticia, Alexis, Aori), but for little 11-year-old newcomer, Rayssa Leal from Brazil, who took some big chances in the best trick section of the event, but also made some smart decisions - good enough so to land her on the podium in her very first big contest!

This SLS event was the first Olympic qualifier - qualifiers will go on until May, 30 2020. So anything can happen in the future events - we will have to wait and see who comes out on top as we head towards the Olympics. 

Watch the full recap above to see how it all went down today in London!


1. Pamela Rosa - Brazil
2. Hayley Wilson - Australia
3. Rayssa Leal - Brazil

4. Leticia Bufoni - Brazil
5. Aori Nishimura - Japan
6. Funa Nakayama - Japan
7. Candy Jacobs - Netherlands
8. Alexis Sablone - USA

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