Skateboarding Hall Of Fame Inducts Three Amazing Women This Year.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Photo Chris Hooten

Photo Ian Logan

Pioneer Gale Webb was given the ICON award at Skateboarding Hall of Fame this year - a well-deserved honor and one that in our opinion, was long overdue. This lady has been fearlessly leading the charge for kids skateboarding since the '70s and without her, a lot of us wouldn't be the skaters we are. Her motto has always been "get high on sports" "never give up" and "follow your dreams". Gale has done just that her entire life - from racing motocross, to snowboarding, to skateboarding half-pipes to skydiving, Gale has excelled in it all. So honored to see this moment in skateboard history.

Desiree Von Essen Harrington competed and excelled in both slalom and freestyle back in the mid '70s. She also liked to soul surf at her favorite place the Spillway, hitting the banked walls with style and grace. She was featured in Skateboarder Magazine in a "Who's Hot" back in 1976 and appeared on The Perry Como TV Special (as Desiree said in her induction speech, "being on that show back in the day is comparable to being on the Ellen show now") during the time she skateboarded.  Later in life Desiree taught skiing in Colorado and has kept up the active action sports lifestyle she loves with mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding.

Edie Robertson skated for Sims in the mid-'70s. She did slalom, freestyle and also rode pools. This Santa Barbara native was also in the movie SKATEBOARD back in the day. When Tom Sims developed his Sims/Barfoot snowboard in 1978 Edie was the first girl to ride powder on what was to become the new craze, snowboarding. Later Edie went on to be the lead singer of an all-girl punk band Sherock that was the first American rock band to tour and record an album in China. She now is a well known private chef in her hometown of Santa Barbara and sings with her band Jayne Wayne.

Thanks to Skateboarding Hall of Fame for an amazing night that was held at The Globe Theater in Downtown Los Angeles and hosted by Adidas, Vans and IASC.

When you are in or near Los Angeles, make sure you check out the  Skateboard Hall of Fame Mueum in Simi Valley - it's brand new, beautiful and chock full of skate history!

2019 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Inductees

Gale Webb - Icon Award
Cris Dawson
Kevin "The Worm" Anderson
Desiree Von Essen Harrington
Edie Robertson
Val Surf - Icon Award
Tom "Wally" Inouye
Ray "Bones" Rodriguez
Micke Alba
Jeff Phillips
Kona Skatepark - Icon Award
Jason Lee

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