The Long Awaited "Patti People" Film Is Here!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

For a few months, we've been seeing posts on Nora's Instagram about "Patti People" and tags for the @patti Instagram floating across our feed. Many people have been wondered what it was and what the result would be from this road trip in a old black limo that skateboarder Nora Vasconcellos, and surfers Laura Enever and Jaleesa Vincent were on together. The photos and clips posted were visually intriguing.

LA and NYC each had a premier of the film "THIS WAY" and now you can see it too. It's visually stunning, different and creative - something we all need to see more of these days.

The film is about;

"Two surfers. One skateboarder. One 1994 stretch limo. 120 cans of PBR. One long road down the east coast of the US. 9 days of fucken good times".

Director: Scott Wynn and Elley Norman
Filmer: Andrew Schoener
Editor: Scott Wynn
Photographer: Coco Loberg


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