This New Female Pro Model Skate Shoe is What We've Been Waiting For!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Alexis Sablone - image via Converse

Gone are the days when girls have to buy the guys skate shoes. Back in the day, Cara-Beth Burnside had her own shoe with Vans (I still have a pair - it was that big of a deal), but then nothing for so many years...

Until recently that is. Nora Vasconcellos, Lacey Baker, a capsule collection from Vans with Lizzie Armanto, and now Alexis Sablone's new shoe with Converse is dropping.

Alexis Sablone - image via Converse

And this shoe is rad. Alexis really put thought into how she wanted the shoe to not only look, but perform. She modified the popular Converse  One Star Pro by asking for a piece of rubber on the toe vamp for one.

 Says Sablone;

“When I flick my board, I like the last thing that touches the board to be rubber. That rubber improves the grip, and it also helps the shoe last longer — I tend to blow through shoes pretty quickly.” 

Alexis and Converse also created a double-stitched, reinforced eye row — an area that sees the most wear during flip tricks — to enhance the shoe’s durability and further balance padding with board-grip control.

The look of the shoe is clean and nice - the white suede upper hosts a gold star, a baby blue sockliner, egret foxing tape and a gold foil insignia that stamps “Alexis” on the upper. It also comes in unisex sizing so its wearable for girls and guys - on the board and off.

Now that's gender inclusive!

The Alexis Sablone One Star Pro releases June 1 on and at select retailers.

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