Women's Downhill National Team Riders Announced - And They Need Some Help!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

This is a huge year for downhill skateboarding! They are working towards Olympic dreams, with the first step being the World Roller Games in Barcelona, Spain this coming July! With the recognition of their sport and inclusion in this prestigious event, the USA has announced its national women's team!

The USA women's downhill skateboarding team is so excited to have the honor to represent at the World Roller Games in Barcelona 2019, but they need YOUR help to make it there!

With the announcement of this privilege coming only a couple of months out, the USA Women's team is seeking financial assistance now on their way to Spain!

The money will go towards flights, entry fees, team leathers, and accommodations. They want to make sure the USA National team makes it out to this event to properly represent the USA! The more funds they make, the closer they can get towards making sure each woman gets to the event! From there they can move towards team leather suits, helmets, other gear and the chance to continue on to more events!

The funds are needed within the next couple of weeks so they can secure enough time to arrange their flights, entries, and accommodations. This is a last minute ordeal, but with your help, THEY WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The USA National Women's Team is comprised of the most hard-working, strong, and inspirational women in downhill skateboarding.


Photo by CGSA

Emily Pross. Emily is the most dominant female force in the WORLD. She has taken the crown for top Women internationally 3 years running, undefeated! AND she dominates against the boys, scoring top 10 in the world for the past two years and counting! She is one of the hardest working, most skilled skateboarders in the downhill scene today and she has continued plans for domination. Nothing will stand in her way as she fights to win every race, versus the guys and the gals.

Photo by Jeff Suchy

Rachel Bruskoff. Rachel, or Bagels as she is called, is known for her upbeat attitude and big smile. She has been competing on the world circuit for 5 years and has accomplished 2nd and 3rd place world titles among many other first places and podium finishes. Her love of riding has taken her all over the globe, chasing competition and the love and thrill of skating. She is a driving force behind the skate community, on and off her board, bringing inspiration and encouragement through her videos, social media, and natural positive energy. But don't let her smile fool you, she is a tough competitor that will fight to win!

Photo by CGSA

Teresa Gillcrist. Teresa is a 21 year old cultural anthropology student at UCLA in California. She has been skating for many years but began her journey into the race scene in 2018. Ever since she started racing, she has been a force in the women's scene, progressing as quickly as she skates. She is currently traveling the world chasing the IDF tour, conquering all race tracks and competition she comes across!

Photo by Arirang Hill

Julia Barklow. Julia is what we'd call the face of stoke. She is a 25-year mapping professional born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Once she realized her passion for downhill skateboarding, she became obsessed with skating and learned about traveling the world for international races. Within the first two years of learning to downhill skateboard, she gained sponsorship with local companies and bought registration to races in Australia and New Zealand, Whistler, and the USA. She has since traveled to over 15 countries and competed in events in Australia-Asia, North America, and Europe, meeting roads and skaters of all different backgrounds. She has taken on the world tour with strong finishes and always a positive vibe. She is ecstatic about the opportunity to represent the USA in Barcelona!

Photo via Gravity Fest

Ashley Winecoff. Ashley Winecoff hails from North Carolina and started racing back in 2016. Hailing from the "mecca" of downhill skateboarding spots in North Carolina, she has honed in her skills and is a force to reckon with. She has only competed in the USA national circuit, to where she came out with top finishes! Now she is ready and stoked to take her edge across the ocean to Spain!

Photo by CK Photography 

Candy Dungan. Candy is one of the most motivational women in our sport. When she was competing, she was a huge force, ranking 2nd in the USA in 2016 and 5th in the world in 2017. Last year, she got into an accident that left her paralyzed. She has battled and come back from many doctors thinking she'd never walk again to having mobility and working hard every day to regain what she can. She plans to keep riding, however she can, whether it comes the day she can stand up again, or she is inventing her own forms of hybrid boards to get her out there. She won't be racing with us this year in Barcelona, but she will be there supporting the USA and her fellow teammates!

The team has set up a Go Fund Me page and is making it clear that no donation is too small - because it all adds up to helping them get to Barcelona, Spain to compete for the USA in July.

You can donate via the link HERE. 

Congrats ladies!!!

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