"Dear Stella" Is The Best Skate Video We've Seen All Year.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Such a cool short film on Stella Reynolds from the folks behind "Patti People". We guarante you'll watch it more than once.  And at the end you'll wish you skated like Stella and your dad was as cool as Andrew.  xx

A film featuring Stella Reynolds. 

We came across a note on a table at the Reynolds residence that Andrew had written to Stella. 

We thought it was great and was perfect for this film about skateboarding, having fun with friends and not taking life too serious. 

"I love you Stella, have fun everyday! you are amazing, smart, funny, stylish, go skate, go surf, text your friends. Make plans. YOLO. Look for the good in every situation and person. Have fun. I love you, Dad" Andrew Reynolds. 

Filmed by: Elley Norman Tylre Wilcox 
Featuring: Andrew Reynolds Bella Kenworthy Ruby Lilley 
Music: Artist: Dope Lemon 
Song: Uptown Folks

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