Inspiring Photos From The Dew Tour - Women's Park.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Japanese skaters were out in full force + AU's Charlotte Heath
Sakura Yosozumi
Lizzie Armanto
Nora Vasconcellos
Sky Brown
Minna Stess
Allysha Le
Poppy Starr Olsen
Bryce Wettstein
Jordyn Barratt

Grace Cochrane
Dora Varella
Brighton Zeuner
Cocona Hiraki
Yndiara Asp
Lizzie Armanto
Bella Kenworthy
Arianna Carmona
Jordyn Barratt

 Photos by @ianloganphoto  for @girlisnota4letterword 
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Plenty has been written about this past weekend's Dew Tour in Long Beach, and if you follow our Instagram you saw first hand the HUGE and flawless 540 that 12-year-old Japanese skater, Misugu, threw down. It was the first Olympic qualifier for women's park so there was a lot of pressure on the women and new ways of doing things. And the skating was nothing short of amazing!

But instead of a blow by blow recap, we thought we'd run some inspiring photos we captured while there because sometimes an image speaks a 1,000 words.

Thanks so much for The Dew Tour for having us!

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