These Ladies Made The VPS Finals In Brazil - Watch them Compete Live!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Yndiara Asp
Kokona Hiraki
Brighton Zeuner
Yndiara& Dora Varella

The semi-final results from VPS Women's park are in! Looks like it's going to be a packed heat full of talent in tomorrow's finals...

Defending World Champ Brighton Zeuner once again led the pack. Zeuner was driven to hit every wall with tricks for days, utilizing speed to her advantage, and keeping a sharp focus on her lines in every heat. Fueled by the adrenaline in the stadium, Brazilian Yndiara Asp placed second, establishing her ranks as one of the best in the lineup.

Last but certainly not least, the Brazilian presence was loud and proud, with new and rising VPS contenders battling their way through to make the Finals. Brazil natives Isadora Pacheco, and Dora Varella put down their best performance to make the Finals cut, securing their chance for glory in tomorrow’s gauntlet.

Semi-Finals Results

1. Brighton Zeuner (USA)

2. Yndiara Asp (BRA)

3. Kokona Hiraki (JPN)

4. Sakura Yosozumi (JPN)

5. Jordyn Barratt (USA)

6. Kihana Ogawa (JPN)

7. Isadora Pacheco (BRA)

8. Dora Varella (BRA)


Sunday, June 23

São Paulo – 11 AM - 12 AM
Los Angeles – 7 AM - 8 AM
New York – 10 AM - 11 AM
London – 3 PM - 4 PM
Sydney – 12  PM -1 PM

Watch it go down LIVE at

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