GN4LW Founder on This Weeks Metiza Podcast.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word founder and 70's pro skateboarder, Cindy Whitehead, is featured on the METIZA Podcast this week talking about everything girls skateboarding.

You can LISTEN to the METIZA Podast ---->  HERE

Take a listen to this exciting podcast and hear Cindy speak with Paige Bird, Co-founder of METIZA about:

~ How Cindy has always tried to live life with NO regrets

~ The "one girl" theory in skateboarding, and why it's NOT the answer

~ How the Japanese team dropped in and created a new dynamic in girls skateboarding

~ Why accolades, like her 2016 Skateboarding Hall of Fame induction, are not the end goal

~  After you get done thanking the women who support you, who else so you need to thank?

~  And much more!

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